helping new immigrants settle in canada

In today age of online community, an Indo-Canadian e-group was started in 2009 with an objective to facilitate knowledge sharing for new immigrants. It grew into a very active group wherein people started asking their queries online and the community members responded with solutions. In later half of 2009, the group took a more formal shape and members started meeting at a pre-decided venue. Some meetings were as small as in a food court of a mall. As months passed by, more organised meetings were held in college campus, community centres and the group members now meet on a quarterly basis. The group now has a huge member base of more than 2000 members. There are a mix of both newcomers and veterans in Canada.

The group has been recently been registered as a Non-Profit Organisation with Ontario Government under the formal name - Indo-Canadian Community of Professionals. As the name suggests, the group is of the people with roots from India who are now either in a process of migrating to Canada or already in Canada.

If we look at a cross section of Indian Community, most of them are well educated from some of the worlds best universities, are proficient in English and are established Professionals in their respective fields. It is our endeavor to provide a platform and forum for networking and facilitating to shorten the learning curve of new immigrant professionals.