Helping new immigrants settle in Canada

Pre Boarding - On Arrival

So once we have our visa in hand, we now have to decide the timings of when we immigrate, how we do it, where we land in Canada and so on! We will try to address various aspects of Pre-boarding right from the Documents to manage, suggested things to carry and also those not to carry & components of monthly expenses. Also once you arrive, we have a team ready to answer your queries on basics of settling into a new land. Welcome and join us in this journey!
<h4]On Arrival

Registration & Documentation in first few Days:-
  • Application for Social Insurance Number, Permanent Resident Card, Health Card.
  • Application for Tax Credit, Child Tax Benefits if applicable.
  • Health Insurance coverage from Health Ministry starts only after 3 months from landing. So it is important to carry health insurance from back home.
  • Opening a Bank Account is simple. You will need to produce documents like Passport, Application of SIN numbers and PR Cards. All the travellers cheques can be deposited in the account as opening balance.
  • Application for Credit Cards and the Credit Score:- Apply for Credit card in the bank where you open an account. Start using the credit card once you receive it. Keep a track of all expenses and pay back on time.
  • In Canada, it is very important to build a credit history. This process of building a good credit score is gauged over at least 1 year time frame. It indicates one’s ability to take credit and make prompt payments of the same. There is a credit score that gets assigned to each individual and this is a dynamic score, meaning any faltering of payments against dues can bring down the score drastically. The maximum or the best credit score is 800. The better the credit score, the better are chances of getting a good rate of interest on car or home mortgage.

Try & Avoid List

Suggested list of items that one should not carry -

  • Packaged baby food, any packaged food like pickles, snacks etc.
  • Baby Diapers.
  • Toiletries like shampoo, soaps etc.
  • Laptops, Cell Phones.
  • Utensils, Vessels and Pressure cookers (all are available here)

Pre Boarding - Must Do

  • Ensure documents like passport, educational certificates, proof of funds (add more) is in place.
  • Ensure you have enough funds as per stipulations; also try to get in funds to last you for 6 months – 1 year.
  • The first time a new immigrant enters into Canada, he/ she can bring up to CAD $ 100,000 without any questions asked.
  • If the ladies are going to bring their jewellery with them, please get the same appraised by any (Govt. Approved valuer) back in India, and get the photos of the jewellery taken. Upon departure from the International Airport in India, submit a photocopy of the valuer’s certificate to the Customs, and ask for an “Export Certificate” for the same. This will ensure that your jewellery was taken from India (origin) so that when you decide to visit India in the future to attend any weddings etc., you would not be bothered by the Indian customs, if they decide to charge duty for the gold and jewellery you are carrying for the occasion, as you can show them the “Export Certificate” you obtained at the time of departure from India.
  • Also make a list of the contents in each baggage, as this greatly assists the customs officer to clear your baggage quickly. Also mention about the things (to follow) later from India, to the Canadian Customs duly mentioned on paper, and get it stamped / signed by them, so that you would not face any problems, if you bring those things into Canada later. It can be funds, or other things.
  • The funds may be brought in form of travellers cheques as that is the fastest way to get monies. Another option is to open bank account when back in India ( Scotia bank option)
  • Flight Booking:-Check for the best deals after factoring the total luggage weight allowance.Check for the allowable luggage dimensions for each flight in case of connecting flight.Check separately for cabin baggage allowance (weight and dimensions).
  • Identify things to carry as a must :-  Here is a suggested list of things you wish to carry (not all inclusive) , you may also talk to any of our directors to identify comparative costs for various things.
  • Warm Clothes (to take care of Autumn, please buy winter clothes in Canada itself).
  • Medicines with prescription for all symptoms to take care of first 3 months.
  • Homemade baby food, if  any.
  • Basic Utensils – please make sure that they are of FLAT bottom as there are Electric gas stoves here.
  • Grocery sufficient for 1-2 weeks.

Check for Free Airport Pickup

You may connect with Sandi Sethi or Rahul for pick up from Airport.