Canadian Immigration - job search


As we set our sights to immigrate to a new country, one of the most important task is to get hold of a job. It is advisable to segregate our job search in two phases. The first job can be one that will pay our bills, and the 2nd job can be our aspiration – to get a job in our field, the one which we have had experience in.

The reason to say this is many of fields in which we were working back home are regulated, meaning we need a licence to practice. Also there is a need for “Canadian Experience”. Both these aspects can be fulfilled if we get hold of a survival job that will take care of our bills. This also gives us some time to contemplate on the type of job we want to go after.

In order to facilitate the job search, we at Indo-Canadian Community of Professionals offer support through Networking and Mentorship.


The Networking is one of the biggest advantage of the group. There is a one on one personal connection. We have people whom the immigrants can talk to, share their concerns. The established members respond with suggestions which benefit everyone in the group. Ever since the group started from a few hundred members, it is now a group of 2000+ members. The group meets on a quarterly basis in Toronto / GTA. Recently these meetings have also been conducted in other cities like Calgary, Vancouver etc. The new immigrants can thus get aligned to the group in their respective city.


One of the first tasks in job search is a well formatted resume. The mentorship offered is for basics in Resume writing according to the North American format. This support is offered irrespective of the field or sector an individual is from. The new immigrants can also talk to any of the directors to get a feel of the job market and ways to approach the job search. Another aspect of mentorship is talking to individuals in the respective field or expertise. The group has members who can assume a role of being a mentor.

Links relating to ESL, Job search, Networking and Mentorship can be found below provided by Indo Canadian Community of Professionals.

Here are a few websites that can help you start your job search.

(Please note this is not an exhaustive list.)